Irma Schnierer

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Child development; Play; Recreation




Children need entertainment as much as they need food, clothing and education. In fact, entertainment is part of education, and education and entertainment can be interlocked to their mutual advantage. The ideal would be to have entertaining education and educational entertainment. There are still many parents, teachers and other educationists who are not in favour of entertainment for children, irrespective of whether it is good or bad, because they think it distracts the children from their home and school duties. They are right in so far as entertainment by the cinema, radio and other agencies should not be allowed to become too frequent, and too exciting. [p.5]

To ask for the right kind of entertainment (as is the purpose of this booklet) is a different thing altogether from denying the child a satisfaction without which his life would be drab and joyless" [p,5]

Play and entertainment vary according to the child's age. The child up to five or six does not care for 'reality.' This fact must be taken into account in choosing playthings, and forms of entertainment. [p.8]

The many forms of recreation and entertainment may be subdivided into physical and spiritual entertainment, although bodily and mental activities can never be completely separated from one another. [p.11]

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Melbourne, Australia


Australian Council for Educational Research