Global education monitoring

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Equal education, Large scale assessments, Southeast Asia, Females, Males, Gender bias, Mathematics achievement, Science achievement, Literacy, Socioeconomic background, Family environment, Educational environment, Primary secondary education, Southeast Asia


This policy brief investigates gender disparities in learning outcomes and the factors contributing to these disparities as identified in large-scale assessment data in Southeast Asia. It additionally provides a set of recommendations aimed at enhancing equitable student learning outcomes while advocating for comprehensive support of gender-based interventions within educational quality initiatives, spanning both systemic and school-level support. The findings presented in this brief are drawn from large-scale assessment (LSA) datasets and secondary analysis of these sources. For more detailed information regarding the large-scale assessments in Southeast Asia, please refer to the appendix section.

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Network on Education Quality Monitoring in the Asia-Pacific (NEQMAP)

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Southeast Asia, Pacific region


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