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Information Bulletin / Australian Council for Educational Research ; n.12

Digitised in 2022 from a print copy held by the ACER library


In view of the increasing number of Australian teachers and post-graduate students who have proceeded to Britain during the past year and the possibility that these numbers will increase during succeeding years, it seems that information regarding short summer courses available in Britain may be of interest to those planning overseas tours.

The information contained in this bulletin is a precis of pamphlets and circulars supplied by the British Council, and the Bulletin itself has been checked by the Victorian officer of that body. Even although the time remaining before the closing date for nominations may, in many cases, be too short for effective action this year, the presentation of courses for the current year may serve to draw attention to corresponding facilities in later years. [p.1, ed]

The courses offered in England by the British Council during the summer of 1948 are summarized in Table I and some details are included below. [p.2, ed]

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