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English, Error correction, Kindergarten children, Preschool children, Speech


Information Bulletin / Australian Council for Educational Research ; n.22

Digitised in 2022 from a print copy held by the ACER library


Information Bulletin No. 21 reported the pronunciation errors of a group of pre-school children in an inner suburb of Melbourne. This bulletin reports their errors in English Usage.

The group consisted of twelve boys and twelve girls, all of whom in 1951 enrolled for the first time at a state school in Melbourne. They were observed, and their speech recorded, for the ten days November 20-24, and November 27-December 1st while in a special group formed for the purpose at the Lady Gowrie Centre in Melbourne. Their ages ranged from 4 years 10 months to 5 years 8 months. The records used for the analysis of errors in usage were made by stenographers who were instructed to record the children's speech as accurately as possible, recording errors and incomplete words or sentences exactly as they were uttered. The primary purpose of those records is to prepare a vocabulary list for those children, but as the tutorial lends itself also to analysis of errors in usage, such an analysis has been made in the hope that it can be of use particularly to teachers of infant classes, kindergartens. [p.1, ed]

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Camberwell, Australia


Australian Council for Educational Research

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Australia, Australia