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Citizen participation, Inclusive education, Equal education, Gender equity, Advocacy, Management, Policy formation, Program effectiveness, Action research, International aid


This report shares the findings from an action research project conducted on behalf of Global Partnership for Education’s (GPE) Education Out Loud (EOL) programme by the Management for Development Foundation (MDF) and the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) Consortium, in its capacity as global learning partner (GLP). The project involved working directly with three organisations (grantees) in receipts of EOL funds, across five GPE countries. The Consortium supported them to conduct action research projects, which tested the underlying assumptions of their programme’s theory of change, in order to validate their approaches to advocacy and policy influencing (API) and support them to engage in adaptive management practices. This report shares the methodology used in this process and a synthesis of the key findings across and between the different contexts. The report is accompanied by a number of case studies, which explore the action research and wider context of the grantees in more detail.

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København, Denmark


Global Partnership for Education



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Africa, Bangladesh, Ghana, Malawi, South Asia, Zambia, Zimbabwe