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LLEAP Dialogue Series (No. 3) 2014


Evaluation of outcomes is the key area of focus for LLEAP. How do you monitor and evaluate the impact of what you are doing? Evaluating can be a challenge and the reasons for this vary. Sometimes it is seen as costing too much. In other cases, it is knowing what or how to evaluate that are the hurdles to overcome; while some think that evaluation is what academics do, that there is only one ‘right’ way to evaluate or that evaluation is for ‘acquittal’ purposes only. This year’s Guide has been designed to address some of these concerns. We do so by looking at what schools and not-for-profit organisations and philanthropists working in education were especially trying to change. We take a look ‘under the bonnet’ of thirteen different approaches to addressing various student outcomes (e.g. student, family and community engagement). From this ground level view of practice we see what these groups focus on and what evidence and improvement approaches they are using to determine if things are changing for the better for students.