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(LSAY Briefing; n.11)


The subjects studied in the senior secondary years have a significant influence on the educational and career options available to young people when they leave school, over and above other factors. They also represent an outcome of previous school and other experiences, which shapes interests, proficiencies and decisions about careers. One perspective on subject uptake in the senior secondary years focuses on changes over time in participation in particular areas of study. A second perspective looks at differences between students enrolled in various subjects. Survey data such as those derived from LSAY are needed to monitor the associations between subject uptake and student characteristics. A third perspective looks at the consequences of subject choice. This perspective examines the education and training activities undertaken after Year 12 by those who study in different subjects during that final year. This Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY) briefing uses research based on subject enrolment data from a sample of students in Year 12 in 2001, and data from other groups of Year 12 students to examine these issues. [Introduction, ed]