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(LSAY Briefing; n.17)


University study holds a distinct place in Australian society, as it provides a pathway into professional occupations. University graduates are consistently shown to have superior outcomes, in terms of employment and earnings. Does VET study provide an equivalent pathway for young people interested in non-academic careers? Are there similar benefits for those who participate in VET programs? The data for this Briefing are from the 1995 cohort of the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY). The findings reported here are from three recent LSAY research reports, which are listed at the end of this Briefing. The cohort comprises young people who were in Year 9 at school in 1995. Data in this Briefing have been collected annually to 2005. This Briefing concentrates on those who undertook an apprenticeship or traineeship after leaving school, or enrolled for non-apprenticeship study at a TAFE institution or a private VET provider.