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It examines in detail the activities and experiences of one of the program’s longitudinal cohorts at a single point in time. In this case the cohort is the national sample of Year 9 students who were in Year 9 in Australian secondary schools in 1995, and the reference period is 1999. The report draws on some analyses concerning the Y95 cohort from previous LSAY reports as well as new analyses of variables that have not been reported before. Section 2 provides an overview of the main characteristics of the Y95 cohort in 1999. Since a common concern about longitudinal studies is the extent to which the sample’s representativeness is affected by non-random attrition, that section also includes a brief discussion of the techniques used to ensure that representativeness has been maintained since 1995. In section 3 the education and work activities of the group are mapped in some detail. In the final section other elements of young people’s activities are investigated: their living arrangements, participation in a range of activities outside education or work, and interest in learning.