Firm-based training for young Australians : changes from the 1980s to the 1990s.

Michael Long, ACER
Stephen Lamb, ACER

Longitudinal surveys of Australian youth research report; n.23


This report examines changes in the extent, pattern and outcomes of participation in firm-based education and training by young Australians. It compares results for the mid-1990s from the Australian Youth Survey (AYS) with the already- published results for the mid-1980s from the Australian Longitudinal Survey (ALS). The decade between these two surveys witnessed substantial policy initiatives intended to lift the quantity and quality of training experienced by Australian workers. This research report draws on the most comprehensive available data to analyse the changes in training experienced by young workers over that time. The key findings which are examined in the report are that: the extent of formal firm- based education and training is substantial, but uneven; participation by women has increased; the education and labour market profiles of young workers have changed; the pattern of participation in firm-based education and training has changed; and receipt of training was associated with higher earnings. [Executive summary, ed]