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LSAY Research Report; No 53


This report examines young people’s participation in career advice activities while at school and their perceptions of the usefulness of the advice they receive. The data are from the 2003 15 yearold cohort of the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY). Most members of this LSAY Y03 cohort were in Year 10 in 2003. The present report examines how much career advice students accessed in Years 10, 11 and 12 across three years of data collection (2003–2005). A smaller group of the cohort is followed each year; this group was in Year 10 in 2003, Year 11 in 2004, and Year 12 in 2005. For this group of more than 5000 young people, analyses were conducted to determine what influences their perceptions of the usefulness of career advice while at school. Four major questions guide this report: 1. How widespread is the provision of career advice in Australian schools? 2. How useful do students in Australian schools find this advice, and what types of advice appear to be most useful? 3. Are there some types of student who find career advice more useful? 4. Is there a relationship between perceptions of career advice and school-based measures?

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Executive Summary