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Students participating in this LSAY cohort were originally sampled in 1998 from 296 schools nationally. In 1999, the schools from which the original sample of students was drawn took part in a survey to collect information about the features and programs of schools, as well as features of teachers and teaching, which might influence the progress of students in their school and in their later work careers. The survey involved two questionnaires: (1) a school questionnaire to be completed by the principal (or other school representative) and (2) a questionnaire to a sample of ten Year 10 teachers. The assistance of the LSAY Reference Group in developing the questionnaires is gratefully acknowledged. The school questionnaire collected information on school programs, organisation and timetables. The teacher survey included questions on aspects of teaching and learning. The codebook for the Teacher survey is provided in Technical Report No. 20. The codebook and responses for the school survey are provided in this technical paper.