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Mathematical models, Mathematical applications, Problem based learning, Experiential learning, Mathematics skills, Learning activities, Upper secondary years, Lower secondary years, Upper primary years


This document aims to provide teachers with material that will enable them to prepare students to develop skills of mathematical modelling. Mathematical modelling is a process in which real-life situations and relations in these situations are expressed by using mathematics. Included in this publication are junior modelling problems for upper primary, junior or middle secondary levels; intermediate modelling problems for junior or middle secondary levels; and senior modelling problems for middle or senior secondary levels. A specific purpose of this material is to provide additional support to assist teachers and schools in choosing and mentoring student teams to participate in the International Mathematical Modeling Challenge (IM2C). The IM2C operates on the assumption that mathematics is everywhere in the world around us; the challenge is to identify its presence, access it, and apply it productively. The IM2C exists to help students: develop a systematic and successful approach to addressing individual problems located in real-world settings, and, through this development, enable students cumulatively to become effective solvers of real-world problems.

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Mathematical Modelling: A guidebook for teachers and teams