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Developing countries, Literacy, Reading comprehension, Disadvantaged, Primary education, Reading difficulties, Educational assessment, Large scale assessment, International programs


Symposium presented at the 13th International Conference on Education and Development, 15-17 September 2015, University of Oxford, UK.

This report comprises three papers: Paper 1 – The conditions of reading acquisition in contexts of low literacy by Prue Anderson and Mary Fearnley-Sander; Paper 2 – Aligning reading assessment with national goals by Danielle Anzai and Maurice Walker; and Paper 3 – Monitoring reading globally for the post 2015 development goals by Juliette Mendelovits, Ross Turner and Ray Adams.


This symposium assembles a number of studies that argue the importance of comprehension in reading pedagogy and assessment if improved learning outcomes from schooling are to be achieved. It addresses the subtheme questions concerning which assumptions and principles should underpin pedagogy and assessment for sustainable futures, and what the relationship should be between international assessments and local conditions and priorities.

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Oxford UK