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Formative evaluation, Online assessment, Learning progressions, Academic achievement, Educational attainment, Curriculum development, Teacher participation, Primary secondary education


A central finding of the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools (the Excellence Review) was that learning progressions can help teachers tailor their teaching to support students’ achievement through continuous learning growth. Aligned, online and on-demand assessments, combined with professional learning and resources, will aid the use and interpretation of learning progressions in order to maximise the learning growth and attainment of every student every year. The Commonwealth Minister for Education and Training has established an expert reference panel to shape a shared vision for this important work and provide advice on how to take it forward. The reference panel has been asked to prepare a concept paper that includes:1.a clear vision, expected benefits and outcomes of learning progressions and online formative assessment for Australian teachers, school leaders, students, parents/carers and school systems; 2.identification of the key considerations/principles for the design and development of Australian Curriculum learning progressions and online formative assessment that meets the needs of the teaching profession; and 3.high-level options for the development and implementation of an approach to Australian Curriculum learning progressions and online formative assessment, including advice on how to engage the teaching and school leadership profession and immediate next steps to progress this work.

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