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Coaching, Mentoring, Professional development, School improvement, School culture, Dialogues (Language), Leadership, Principals, Observation, Data interpretation, Whole school approach


Occasional paper produced by the Centre for Education Policy and Practice.


Conversations and observations about school-based data and individual improvements in classroom practices can form some of the more powerful parts of a school’s overall approach to professional learning deliberately aimed at gaining improvements. The success of such strategies depends on the development of a school culture of trust, and the use of effective communication strategies. In this paper Professor Kathryn Moyle outlines the steps school leadership can take in establishing a basis for conversations and observations, conducting coaching and mentoring conversations and building a culture of trust. The focus in this paper is on the professional learning purposes of using data coupled with conversations and observations, rather than their use for accountability purposes.

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Melbourne Vic


Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)