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Group activities, Group activities, Primary school students


Primary school studies / Australian Council for Educational Research ; n.8


First published in 1952, this pamphlet explores some examples of group work in classrooms. The effect of groups is also examined and also how the best results can be achieved when creating groups and group work for children.

The following is a summary of what is needed for a group to work well.

1. It must be doing definite work for a purpose known to, and accepted by, each child in the group.

2. Each child must feel that he can help to achieve the purpose.

3.The purpose itself must satisfy some need perceived by each child as important.

4.The purpose must be a realistic one, within the capacity of the children.

5. The children can see that they am making progress.

6. The children see the value of their individual contributions while seeing themselves as a group with a common purpose.

7. There is no feeling of competition with other children in the group, or inequality in gain or sacrifice.

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Melbourne, Australia


Australian Council for Educational Research


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