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In 'Boosting science learning : what will it take? : Conference proceedings' edited by C Glascodine and K-A Hoad, pages 42-48. Melbourne : ACER


After extensive national consultation the recent Review of Teaching and Teacher Education announced an agenda for action in its report 'Australia's Teachers: Australia's Future. One of its central themes was a call to revitalise the teaching profession. In this vein, the purpose of this paper is to provide a brief review of preliminary work at ACER, conducted in collaboration with the Australian Science Teachers' Association, to develop a standards-guided professional learning system that would lead to professional certification for highly accomplished teachers of science. This paper describes ASTA 's progress towards developing a system of certification, beginning with the development of standards of practice. It discusses components of a certification system, and development of performance assessments based on the standards. It then outlines research on the reliability and validity of the assessment tasks (portfolio entries), together with the opportunities for professional learning that the process afforded and the effect on teachers who participated in the process. It summarises the status of development and identifies some of the key issues that the association has to resolve if it is to continue to move forward.