Teacher education

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The VIT’s Program for Supporting Provisionally Registered Teachers and its registration procedures are increasingly seen as valid and fair. The Program is generally perceived as leading to improvements in teaching practice. Principals and mentors were very positive about the program, and consistently reported high levels of satisfaction with its implementation. Research has repeatedly found that significant reforms are often accompanied by a degree of unease and resistance, and this has been the case with the introduction of the VIT standards and registration requirements. School leaders play a vital role in leading their schools through these changes. This study has found that school leaders are playing a significant role in reducing the level of unease and resistance in most schools, but they need support to ensure the requirements are manageable. It may be important to reiterate that the VIT standards processes in Victoria are in keeping with standards assessment for other professions and with educational practice in comparable countries across the world. As the VIT standards processes continue to develop and are themselves subject to review, they should greatly benefit the educational teaching and learning needs of Victorian teachers and students.