Teacher education

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A report prepared for the MCEETYA Taskforce on Teacher Quality and Educational Leadership.

ISBN 978-0-86431-599-1


The main purpose of this study was to conduct a survey of Australian institutions that provide pre-service teacher education courses for primary and secondary teachers. The key elements of this mapping exercise included: Selection processes: The criteria and processes that teacher education institutions use to select students for courses. Course structure and content: The types of course content and structure that exist currently, including key components such as arrangements for the practicum and for ICT. Accreditation processes: The processes currently used, both internally and externally, for the accreditation and evaluation of teacher education courses. The survey instrument was sent to all universities that provide pre-service teacher education courses. Responses were received from 38 of the 38 university providers and covered 102 individual pre-service teacher education courses, including undergraduate, postgraduate and double degree courses. State and Territory registration bodies and agencies responsible for course approval were also surveyed for the accreditation section.