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Alumni Growth: Tracking Australia Awards Alumni Over Five Years, Longitudinal Tracer Survey 2021

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Alumni, Pathways, Developing countries, Scholarships, Longitudinal studies, Surveys, Career development, Sustainable development, Networks


This report details the findings of the 2021 Global Tracer Longitudinal Survey, which follows a sub-cohort of Australian development scholarship alumni who participated in the first Australia Awards Global Tracer Facility (GTF) Global Tracer Survey in 2016. The survey was administered online in November and December 2021 to alumni from 15 countries who had studied in Australia as part of a scholarship, focussing on alumni who completed their award between 2007 and 2010. More than 400 alumni participated (a 46.1% response rate). The analyses in this report focus on the changes that have occurred over the past five years for these alumni as they consolidate their careers. They provide a new, extended insight into the long-term outcomes of Australian development scholarships.

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