Transition and Post-School Education and Training

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Alternative Title: Family Expectations and Post-School Plans : a Literature Review


This literature review is part of a project commissioned by The Smith Family that is investigating the effects and influences of family expectations on the cost benefit analyses undertaken by students when they are considering their post-school plans. The 2006 report for The Smith Family, On track? Students choosing a career, pointed to the possibility of a strong effect of family expectations on young people’s post-school plans (Beavis, 2006). Post-school plans often include decisions about further education, so a family’s influence or involvement in assessing the costs and benefits associated with this decision is not surprising (Usher, 2005). On track? identified uncertainties about how and to what extent family expectations shape young people’s educational plans. It concluded that the extent to which this influence is shaped by the gender, interests and ability of the young people remains unknown The present project is intended to help better understand the inter-relationships between family expectations and young people’s plans. It comprises this literature review which informs the development and analysis of some intensive case studies of a small number of young people and their families. The report includes a consideration of the key issues resulting from the research as well as suggestions for policy and further practice.


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Literature Review