Transition and Post-School Education and Training

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The National VET Equity Advisory Council (NVEAC) commissioned the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and the Centre for the Economics of Education and Training (CEET) at Monash University to produce this report.

This report has been made available under the terms of the Creative Commons licence (CC BY 3.0 AU).


This report is the first National Report on Social Equity in VET. It has been developed by the National VET Equity Advisory Council (NVEAC) to provide baseline information on the participation, achievement and transitions from the Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) system for six groups in the Australian population: Indigenous Australians; people with a disability; people from a culturally and linguistically diverse background; people living in remote areas; people from low socioeconomic status backgrounds; and women. The report also provides information on the experience in VET of a further five groups who may be experiencing difficult life chances and for whom VET may offer a ‘second chance’. These are people: with less than a Year 12 or equivalent level of prior educational attainment; returning to learning after a long period of absence from study and/or work; re-skilling following redundancy; involved in the criminal justice system; and of working age who are neither working nor studying. The report brings together, for the first time, a range of data sources (mainly from 2011) and previous research on the participation in, achievement in and transitions from VET of learners from the nominated equity groups. Such information can be important for identifying priorities for policies and practices that better meet the needs of learners from equity groups.