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ACEReSearch is a repository bringing together all ACER's public research under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide access to that research. It is maintained by the Cunningham Library.

Access to print-only publications

For items only available in print, search the Cunningham Library catalogue or contact . To purchase ACER publications, search ACER Press or contact . For more information about ACER's areas of research and research capability go to ACER Research.

ACER researcher profiles

ACER staff use Selected Works as a vehicle for disseminating working papers, reports and conference papers, as well as presentations, theses, and other works not published elsewhere.


ACER places research in the ACEReSearch repository to ensure it can be readily accessed and read. Copyright for work in the repository rests with the Australian Council for Educational Research, unless stated otherwise on the document or its metadata page.

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