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Cognitive ability, Measurement, Evaluation


We have chosen to initiate this bulletin series by discussing the development of the Test of Learning Ability (TOLA) (Form A) because (i) the 1972 edition of the test will be distributed within the next few weeks and Counsellors will be able to see what has been the outcome of criticisms made about previous editions; (ii) we feel that this illustrates the potential benefit of close liaison between test constructors and test users in reconciling a variety of potential uses of a test. Liaison between the Test Advisory Committee and the ACER Test Research and Development Division has increased as a result of the continued discussions concerning alterations and improvements in the test. A need to provide the Guidance Officers and School Counsellors with detailed information resulting from these discussions was evident, and this bulletin was considered the most appropriate form. A summary of events leading up to the norming of Form A in 1971, subsequent critic1sms from counsellors and others, plans for the use of a modified edition in 1972, and related research and development, are now presented.

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Hawthorn, Victoria


Australian Council for Educational Research





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