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ACER 1991-1992, 62nd Annual Report

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This annual report examines recent changes in Australian education. Two strong emerging trends emerging are: increasing participation rates as more young people stay in the formal education system beyond the compulsory years and a shift in focus from the input in education to outcomes and sharpening of the way in which the outcomes are defined. The report includes: (1) Director's Comment: Competence or Expertise?; (2) Highlights of the Year for ACER; (3) Research and Development Activities (Overview of Themes, Beyond the Compulsory School Years; Cognition, Technology and the Classroom; Teachers and Teaching; Educational Management and Change; Assessment and Reporting; Measurement Division Contract Projects; Testing Services; Product Development); (4) Other Activities (Library and Information Services; Development and Training; Management Developments; Publishing, Consultant and Marketing Services); (5) Staff Publications; (6) Financial Report (Overview; Director's Statement; Auditor's Report); (7) Members of ACER Council; (8) Members of ACER Staff; and (9) Report from the Institutes of Educational Research.

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Hawthorn, Victoria


Australian Council for Educational Research



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