Connect is an independent bi-monthly publication supporting active student participation in primary and secondary schools. It is a 'practice journal' that has been published in Australia since late 1979. It is published on-line and is freely available for download.

Connect covers areas and practices that are variously called 'student voice', 'student agency' and 'student participation'. It supports educational change and development through assisting students and teachers to document and share practices in which students have substantial decision-making and implementation roles in primary and secondary schools, around real and important issues. It includes stories from initiatives around Australia (and occasionally elsewhere), and develops and reviews resources.

Connect currently publishes six issues a year.

Issue 200 (April 2013) was the final print issue to be published. Connect is now published electronically and is freely available on-line from issue 201 in June 2013. The earlier issues have been added to this site as free downloads of PDFs. The most recent issue currently available is noted below as the Current Issue.

In 2018, the following issues have been published:

  • Issue 229: February, 2018
  • Issue 230: April, 2018
  • Issue 231-232: June-August, 2018
  • Issue 233: October, 2018
  • Issue 234: December, 2018: available now!

ISSN: 2202-4980

Current Issue: Volume 2018, Issue 234 Connect 234

Journal Article


Youth-Adult Partnership Roadmap to Agency
Helen Beattie; UP for Learning, Vermont, USA