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ICT in education, Personal computers, Program evaluation, Project management, Questionnaires,


Digitised from bound, print copy of PhD Thesis, submitted to the Faculty of Education and the Arts, Griffith University, Gold Coast.


This thesis provides information, implications, and recommendations, derived from an evaluation of the Queensland Sunrise Centre (QSC), which will assist educational policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation strategies for integrating learning technology into the school curriculum. In addition, the thesis makes a theoretical contribution to school level evaluations through the development, implementation, and appraisal of an evaluation model based on fourth generation evaluation (4GB) principles by directly involving stakeholders in the evaluation process. The establishment of the Queensland Sunrise Centre (QSC) in 1990 involved the creation of innovative technology-rich learning environments for students and teachers in which each of them had been given the use of personal laptop computers which were used at school and at home. The evaluation became perceived as having the dual role of providing feedback to the participants, as well as identifying and analysing issues which would aid the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of further learning technology initiatives in schools. The perceived strengths of the project management related strongly to the initially generous budget and to the additional teaching and project support made available. The use of Logowriter as the main tool of inquiry was seen as a major advantage. The perceived weaknesses were the inadequate teacher inservice support, uncertainties generated during a departmental restructuring and the non-replacement of the Project Officer who had worked closely with the teachers in 1990 and 1991.

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Melbourne, Australia


Australian Council for Educational Research

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