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This report was produced by ACER and submitted to Skills Victoria.


There is considerable interest in the provision and access to tertiary education within the Victoria by the State Government. In 2010, a Tertiary Education Plan was released by the Government, detailing various targets and policy objectives in this sector. Despite a change of Government, the broad objectives in the plan continue to be pursued. As such, a number of more specific plans, based on geographic locations within Victoria are being constructed. One such plan is being constructed for Gippsland. An Expert Panel has been formed to create the plan for Gippsland, chaired by Professor Kwong Lee Dow. This document provides supporting analysis for the Expert Panel to use in the formation of the Gippsland Tertiary Education Plan. Specifically, this document provides findings relating to the analysis of outcomes, intentions and tertiary education enrolment patterns of students from Gippsland. Other analyses in this project, include an industry analysis, and the modelling of tertiary education demand. These are provided in separate documents. This document provides one part of the wider analysis being undertaken for the Expert Panel. Overall, the work in this document examines: • The numbers of school students and retention rates to year 12; • Destinations of year 12 completers and tertiary choices of non-year 12 applicants from Gippsland; and • Analysis of the demographics of the Monash Gippsland student cohort. For the purpose of this project, Gippsland is divided into 6 Local Government Areas. These are Baw-Baw, Bass Coast, East Gippsland, La Trobe City, South Gippsland and Wellington. In many of the main tables in this document, these 6 LGAs are aggregated for comparison with Melbourne and Victorian totals. Some of the more detailed tables and analyses of individual LGAs are contained in the Appendix of this document. The document primarily contains data with brief comments included where necessary. The purpose of this document is to provide raw figures and basic overall analysis in order to inform the Expert Panel creating the Gippsland Tertiary Education Plan. Detailed written description or analysis is not the purpose or aim of this work.