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International education, Credit transfer, Student mobility, International cooperation, Higher education, Educational policy, Online education, Interviews, Quality assurance, Accreditation (Courses), Accreditation (Institutions), International programs, Study abroad


This report presents findings of a study of the policy context around higher education institution (HEI) mobility in eight APEC economies – China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore and Viet Nam. The report provides insights into different policy contexts gathered from desktop research and from interviews with 68 participants. These all had direct involvement in HEI mobility in the eight economies in the study, including through senior positions in ministries of education, in bodies aligned to ministries, in accreditation and quality assurance agencies, and in foreign and local HEIs. The report identifies regulations, practices, policies, legislative contexts and interpretations, which both facilitate and limit the mobility of HEIs in each economy. It summarises key trends across the eight economies and the major domestic imperatives they respond to, and highlights significant differences in approach among them. The report indicates the impact these policy contexts have on establishing and operating collaborative programmes and the campuses of foreign HEIs. It also presents one or more examples of HEI mobility in each economy. Leveraging insights gained from the research undertaken for this study, the report concludes by identifying opportunities to enhance collaboration on HEI mobility across APEC economies. While acknowledging the very significant differences between APEC economies and their respective higher education systems, the report identifies ways in which mutual efforts could help reduce barriers to cross-border mobility of HEIs. This includes multilateral cooperation on quality assurance and credit recognition, as well as greater collaboration on online education.

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China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Vietnam