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In late December 2010 the Australian Learning and Teaching Council Ltd (ALTC) provided a grant to The University of Queensland along with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and Monash University to develop foundations for a national assessment that evaluates the learning outcomes of later‐year medical students in Australia. The project, titled ‘Developing the foundation for a national assessment of medical student learning outcomes’ responds to the growing need to prove and improve the standards of medical education by establishing an Australian Medical Assessment Collaboration (AMAC). This project includes scoping work, wide‐ranging sector engagement, development of an assessment framework, the compilation of assessment items, and the validation of items through pilot testing. The work provides a foundation for what will be the ongoing development and implementation of collaboration that will provide a sustainable and robust means of assuring the standards of medical education in Australia. The ALTC grant for this project has enabled the establishment of AMAC. This report outlines the achievements of the project and provides operational detail on the establishment of the collaboration.

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