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Higher education, Universities, Program evaluation


Higher education, Universities, Program evaluation


Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Higher Education


Paper presented at ICAL 2022 — Transforming Assessment and Learning: Making the System Work!

13 - 15 October 2022, Bali, Indonesia


The university employs a representation of different sectors in the academic community when dealing with major student conduct violations. Among them is the representative of the students. At the time of the study, the student representatives were qualified students who were recruited and trained to become part of the university discipline case conference panel. Upon successful completion of the training, these students were appointed to be members of a program for the pool of student representatives who sit as part of the university adjudicating body, which makes decisions for the university student discipline cases. Terminally, the researcher wanted to improve the engagement and retention of these trained students in the program. Thus, the purpose of conducting this study was to explore the experiences of the students in handling their first case of student conduct violation as part of the university discipline panel. This utilized qualitative methodology in conducting a formative evaluation of the program. Students were asked to submit written reflections on the first student conduct case that they handled. Of the 19 student representatives, eight participated in this study. Line-by-line analysis was done to develop the themes. The findings of this study were four themes that surfaced from the students’ experiences: competence, decision-making, vicarious learning, and emotions. This study supports previous research on the importance of supportive adult relationships, which positively impact young people’s engagement, as well as the involvement of students in the disciplinary process.


Jakarta, Indonesia


ACER Indonesia




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A formative evaluation of the program for student representatives in a university discipline panel


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