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The purpose of the International Computer and Information Literacy Study 2013 (ICILS 2013) is to investigate, in a range of countries, the ways in which young people are developing computer and information literacy (CIL) to support their capacity to participate in the digital age. To achieve this aim, the study will assess student achievement through an authentic computer-based assessment of CIL administered to students in their eighth year of schooling. It will also collect and report on analyses of data about student use of computers and other digital devices as well as students’ attitudes toward the use of computers and other digital tools.

The purpose of is publication is to articulate the basic structure of the study. It provides a description of the field and the constructs to be measured. It also outlines the design and content of the measurement instruments, sets down the rationale for those designs, and describes how measures generated by those instruments relate to the constructs. In addition, it hypothesizes relations between constructs so as to provide the foundation for some of the analyses that follow. Above all, the framework links ICILS to other work in the field. The contents of this assessment framework combine theory and practice in an explication of “both the ‘what’ and the ‘how’” (Jago, 2009, p. 1) of ICILS.