Provisional Independent Technical Advisory Panel (ITAP): Lessons learned from the Pilot

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International aid, Technical assistance, Governance, Educational policy, Developing countries, Planning, Educational development, Systems, Gender equity, Pilot projects


This report was prepared at the end of the first phase of the provisional Independent Technical Advisory Panel (ITAP). It draws on six country reviews which were conducted from August to December 2021. Overall, we found the Provisional ITAP has been a well-constructed and efficiently managed process. We believe that the reviews added value to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) country level process by providing an independent assessment of country status vis-à-vis the GPE 2025 operating model. The ITAP was asked to comment on the country’s self- assessment of progress in the enabling factors and identify/confirm factors which should be given high priority in order to achieve the goal of transformation of the education system. The findings in this report should be regarded as preliminary as they are based on the completion or partial completion of a limited number of countries (6). In addition, it should be borne in mind that this report has been written from the perspective of the ITAP and should be considered alongside the feedback from local education groups (LEGs) in order to assess the value of the reviews.

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