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Access to education, International programs, Online learning, Consultants, Technical assistance, Samoa, Laos, Pacific region


This report highlights the achievements and lessons learned from the pilot stage of the Australian Strategic Partnerships in Remote Education (ASPIRE) initiative which was managed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) as part of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's Partnerships for Recovery: Australia’s COVID-19 Development Response. In its pilot phase ASPIRE partnerships have strengthened collaboration between Australian and Indo-Pacific institutions and promoted the value of Australian expertise in remote teaching and learning to key counterparts in government, tertiary institutions, community organisations and teachers. Partnerships included: 'Innovative Online Learning for Lao Lecturers between Monash College and the Laos Ministry of Education and Sports; 'Reviewing Samoa’s Remote Learning Options' between the Queensland Department of Education and Samoa’s Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture; and 'Promoting Science to Students in the Pacific' by the Australian National University’s Centre for Public Awareness of Science and Pacific.

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Camberwell, Australia


Australian Council for Educational Research




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Australia, Australia, Laos, Pacific region, Samoa


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