Little J and Big Cuz

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Aboriginal students, Torres Strait Islander students, School readiness, Literature reviews, Case studies, Preschool primary transition, Television, Educational television, Program evaluation, Child development, Emotional development, Well being, Early childhood education


This study was conducted with support from the Dusseldorp Forum.


The purpose of this study was to identify potential social and behavioural changes in individuals, schools and communities that could result from the implementation of the School Readiness Initiative (SRI) television project Little J & Big Cuz. This study comprised the preparation of a literature review, and the development of case studies drawn from early childhood, preschool and junior primary school settings. Little J & Big Cuz is a 13-part animated television series that was commissioned as a SRI television project to build the school readiness of children and to support the successful home to school transition of Indigenous children (Masters, 2018). This project was intended to use a ‘strengths-based approach’ that built on the skills and cultural knowledge held by Indigenous communities, and to respond to the aspirations of Indigenous families for their children. This Final Report provides a summary of the conduct of the study and a suite of six case studies, and is accompanied by a Literature Review.

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Melbourne, Australia


Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)