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classroom observation techniques, learning, naturalistic observation, play, play based learning, video recordings


Produced by the Australian Council for Educational Research for the LEGO Foundation as part of the Learning through Play Experience Tool Knowledge base


The aim of the Learning through Play (LtP) Experience Tool is to see a play experience through the eyes of a child and use this to understand the texture of the child’s experience. The LtP Experience Tool is not designed to rate or evaluate the child. It is an observational tool used to collect data on a child’s play experience by empathising with a child and how they respond to the play experience. These guidelines provide an overview of the purpose of the LtP Experience Tool and how to use it to understand a child’s play experience. The guidelines are a practical guide to assist with collecting video data of a play experience. Video data of play experiences are an integral part of the Basic Model for use of the LtP Experience Tool.

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Billund, Denmark


LEGO Foundation