2009 - 2019 ACER Research Conferences


ACER Research Conferences offer a review of current research-based knowledge in key areas of educational policy and practice.

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Research Conference 2019 - Preparing students for life in the 21st century: Identifying, developing and assessing what matters
Research Conference 2018 - Teaching practices that make a difference: Insights from research
Research Conference 2018 examined research evidence around teaching practices that make a difference
Research Conference 2017 - Leadership for Improving Learning - Insights from Research
Research Conference 2016 - Improving STEM Learning : What will it take?
Research Conference 2015 - Learning assessments: Designing the future
2014 - Quality and Equity: What does research tell us?
2013 - How the Brain Learns: What lessons are there for teaching?
2012 - School Improvement : What does research tell us about effective strategies?
2011 - Indigenous Education: Pathways to Success
2010 - Teaching Mathematics? Make it Count
2009 - Assessment and Student Learning : Collecting, Interpreting and Using Data to Inform Teaching