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8-8-2011 1:30 PM

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8-8-2011 2:45 PM


Engagement or participation in education is a key factor affecting the life chances of all Australians. What will this look like in the future for Indigenous children who have an overall lower level of participation in education than non-Indigenous Australians? 21st century schooling for Indigenous students in the next decade will look very different to today. This paper discusses the characteristics of curriculum, policy and pedagogy for future schooling of Indigenous children. It uses national and international literature to explore 21st century learning that seeks to revolutionise the way we educate teachers and students. It highlights that Indigenous students live in a multi-tasking, multifaceted, technology-driven, diverse, rapidly changing world which is far removed from the world faced by most of their teachers at the time they entered adulthood. 21st century learning requires new spaces that are culturally safe, coherent and consistent. They do not override Indigenous cultures, but draw upon them as a source of learning foundation on which to build new digital learning structures. They connect school, home, country and community learning in successful ways. A key purpose of the paper is to evaluate the quality of available evidence regarding strategies for improving school attendance, retention and outcomes.


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Keynote Address 2 - Creating Indigenous Classrooms of Tomorrow Today: What children will need to know and how to create it?