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Assessment of learning dominates assessment efforts around the world, and systems, whether intentionally or unintentionally, typically portray such programs as the best means of raising the standards of learning. At the classroom level, such programs are rarely appreciated and most teachers have little faith in either the reliability or validity of such State-mandated tests. While it is clear that school administrators take the results of such programs very seriously, few classroom teachers give any more than cursory attention to the results for their own class.This is a shame for a number of reasons. First and foremost amongst these reasons is that item-level results from the tests actually contain valuable formative information that could inform teaching practice and curriculum planning in order to support students’ future learning and understanding. Research suggests that much could be gained (in terms of raising the standards of learning) by supporting classroom teachers to make better use of formative assessment. One place to start should be to support teachers in using Statewide Literacy & Numeracy tests as diagnostic tools.