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Aboriginal education, Aboriginal students, Academic achievement, Early childhood education, Flexible progression, Generic skills, ICT in education, Inclusive education, Parent school relationship, Professional development, Standards, Student welfare, Teacher welfare,Teaching process, Teaching profession, Trend analysis,


The brief was to conduct a broad sweep of literature that has surfaced since the publication of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers in 2011, and to consider how this literature could inform any future review of the standards. This multi-pronged scan method identified eleven topics that have increasingly influenced teachers' work over the past decade. The environmental scan report provides a critical review of current educational research and policy literature for each of the 11 topics. Findings provide a description of the topic, key sources, an outline of the changing landscape as it relates to teaching, examples of how the topic is reflected in teacher standards, and questions for future research.

1. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education
2. Digital technologies in education
3. Early childhood education and care
4. General capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities
5. Inclusive education, including
a. social/cultural diversity
b. learners with disability
c. gifted and talented learners.

6. Learning progress, including assessment
7. Parent/carer-school partnerships
8. Pedagogy
9. Professional learning
10. Student wellbeing
11. Teacher wellbeing

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Melbourne, Victoria


Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)