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The Victorian Institute of Teaching implemented its new registration procedures for Provisionally Registered Teachers (PRTs) in 2004. A pilot version of these procedures was trialled in 2003, and evaluated by ACER (Kleinhenz and Ingvarson 2004). Background information about the development of the Standards and Professional Learning Project can be found in this report. As part of the process for full registration, PRTs were required to prepare a portfolio with three components: an analysis of teaching and learning, collegiate classroom activities and a list of and commentary on professional activities undertaken. In 2004 the new requirements for PRTs were extended to include all schools. ACER was once again commissioned to undertake the evaluation of this implementation. The full implementation of the evidence-based process in 2004 was supported by a state-wide and cross-sectorally supported professional development program for provisionally registered teachers, their mentors and their schools. The program included two full day professional development activities for mentors, two afternoon seminars for provisionally registered teachers and two principals briefings. A range of support documents were distributed to all groups and a CD-ROM was produced for PRTs to use in preparing their evidence.

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