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TIMSS Australia Monograph no 4


The Third International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 1998 assessed the mathematics and science achievement of students in their second year at high school. Testing for the study was carried out in 38 countries in 1998–99.1 Extensive information was collected from students, teachers and school principals about the context of mathematics and science teaching and learning. Among the countries participating in TIMSS 1998, 26 countries, including Australia, also participated in TIMSS 1994. It was therefore possible to report on any significant changes between the two studies. Two reports, TIMSS 1999 International Mathematics Report and International Science Report were released in December 2000. This report, Mathematics and Science Achievement of Junior Secondary School Students in Australia, analyses and interprets the Australian data collected as part of the study. Where appropriate, it makes comparisons with the results of a number of countries and the international average to better understand the Australian achievement and context.