Teaching and Learning and Leadership

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The Australian Government Department of Education, (DoE) commissioned the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to undertake this study.

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This report was commissioned by the Australian Government Department of Education (formerly the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations). It was designed to analyse the characteristics and profiles of the teachers teaching in selected learning (or curriculum) areas in primary and secondary schools. The intent was to use the data collected through the Staff in Australia’s Schools 2013 (SiAS) project to provide a more detailed analysis of the teachers concerned than was provided in the main survey report (McKenzie et al., 2014 ) . The SiAS project was designed to provide a detailed picture of the Australian teacher workforce, and to gather information to assist in future planning. The main survey report concentrated on the primary and secondary teacher workforces as a whole. However, the factors that shape the teaching career and workforce issues are likely to differ somewhat across the various curriculum areas in which teachers work. The present report is intended to provide more detail on the teachers teaching in particular curriculum areas of current high priority, as well as a comparison with 2010 SiAS data .