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This project was commissioned by the School Library Association of South Australia’s (SLASA). The Australian Council for Educational Research thanks SLASA for their ongoing support throughout the study, in particular Hajnalka Molloy, SLASA President. We also thank Pru Mitchell, Manager of the Cunningham Library, for her expert advice.


This report presents the results of a survey census and website review of school libraries, taken across all South Australian schools in Term 3, 2019. The census collected data on school library staffing, facilities, funding, and support. Results reveal that schools with a qualified teacher librarian are more likely to have improved student literacy outcomes. While 94 per cent of South Australian schools have someone to manage the library collection and to select resources, less than a quarter (23 per cent) are managed by a qualified teacher librarian. Questions about the nature of library provision in schools uncovered eight main modes of school library and information service provision of reading, research and curriculum resources currently in place across South Australian schools.

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