School and system improvement

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School improvement, Frameworks, Student engagement, Wellbeing, Whole school approach


What happens in schools can have a great and lasting impact on the future wellbeing and outcomes for young people. Schools therefore play an important role in supporting students’ engagement and wellbeing. These elaborations are intended to support the work of schools by providing further specificity about the practices in each of the nine domains of the School Improvement Tool (previously National School Improvement Tool) that optimise student engagement and wellbeing and, in turn, impact on achievement. Commissioned by the Queensland Department of Education, the elaborations provide an evidence-based framework to guide practice by teachers, school leaders and education systems in ensuring equitable outcomes for all students, particularly those most at-risk of disengagement, or for whom there are wellbeing concerns. The elaborations have been developed directly from the research evidence on student engagement and wellbeing by the Australian Council for Educational Research and refined in consultation with key stakeholders.

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Camberwell, Australia


Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)