Civics and Citizenship Assessment

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This report describes the technical aspects of the National Civics and Citizenship Sample Assessment and summarises the main activities involved in the data collection, the data collection instruments and the analysis and reporting of the data. Chapter 2 summarises the development of the assessment domain and describes the process of item development and construction of the instruments. Chapter 3 reviews the sample design and describes the sampling process. Chapter 3 also describes the process of weighting to derive population estimates. Chapter 4 summarises the field administration and data management procedures, including quality control and the cleaning and coding of the data. Chapter 5 describes the scaling procedures, including equating, item calibration, the creation of plausible values and the standardisation of student scores. Chapter 6 examines the process of standards setting and creation of Proficiency Levels used to describe student achievement. Chapter 7 discusses the reporting of student results, including the procedures used to estimate sampling and measurement variance.