Civics and Citizenship Assessment

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Civics, Citizenship education, Sampling, National competency tests, Achievement tests, Year 6, Year 10, Monitoring (Assessment), Student engagement


Under the National Assessment Program, the Civics and Citizenship sample assessment is administered to a representative sample of Year 6 and Year 10 students every three years. It is conducted under the auspices of the Education Council. The National Assessment Program – Civics and Citizenship assesses students’ skills, knowledge and understandings of Australia’s system of government, civic institutions and the values which underpin Australia’s democracy. It also provides an indication of student attitudes and their engagement in civic-related activities at school and in the community. This report presents the findings of the fifth National Assessment Program – Civics and Citizenship (NAP–CC), which was administered in 2016. It examines emerging trends and identifies the role of the Australian Curriculum for Humanities and Social Sciences and for Civics and Citizenship in supporting the learning of all young Australians. While the report indicates that student performance in Civics and Citizenship at the national level has remained stable for Year 6, performance has fallen for Year 10 students. Despite this particular decline, it is heartening to see an increase in the already high levels of positive attitudes among students toward participation as active citizens. The report also highlights the changing ways in which students are gathering and disseminating information especially through the use of social and digital media.

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