Civics and Citizenship Assessment

National Assessment Program Civics and Citizenship National Report 2019

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Civics, Citizenship education, Sampling, National competency tests, Achievement tests, Year 6, Year 10, Monitoring (Assessment), Student engagement


The National Assessment Program - Civics and Citizenship assesses students’ skills, knowledge and understandings of Australian democracy and its system of government, the rights and legal obligations of Australian citizens and the shared values which underpin Australia’s diverse multicultural and multi-faith society. It also provides an indication of student attitudes and their engagement in civic-related activities at school and in the community. This report presents the findings of the sixth National Assessment Program – Civics and Citizenship, which was administered in 2019. At the national level, while student performance for both Year 6 and 10 students has plateaued, it is worth noting that female students at both levels continue to demonstrate higher levels of civic knowledge and the vast majority of male and female students indicate increasingly positive attitudes towards Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and Australian diversity since 2010.

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Sydney, New South Wales


Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority