Civics and Citizenship Assessment

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Lower secondary years, Student attitudes, Civics


Papers about ICCS presented at the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) conference in Hamburg (22 - 25 August 2018)


This paper will describe in a comparative perspective the extent to which young people endorse freedom of movement and equal rights and opportunities for immigrants, both across countries as well as with results from the previous ICCS survey in 2009 (Kerr, Sturman, Schulz, & Burge, 2010). The analyses presented in this paper will be based on surveys of lower-secondary students (13-15 years of age) across 14 European countries participating in ICCS 2016. They will be conducted in two stages. In a first step, descriptive results will be presented in comparative perspective across countries as well as with the previous survey in 2009. In a second step, multivariate analyses will further investigate the relationship between student attitudes to freedom of movement and equal rights for immigrants with student background (sex, immigrant family background, and home context), students’ civic interest and knowledge, as well as opportunities for civic learning at school. Results based on our analyses are consistent with the predictions that there is a strong relationship between civic knowledge, interest and learning and students’ attitudes to freedom of movement and equal rights for immigrants. Student background variables are also correlated with their immigration attitudes, but they don't always have a significant predictive association.


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